Policies and rules of the rink that will make your visit more safe and enjoyable.

For the safety and security of all our customers, we suggest that all shoes, coats and purses be placed in lockers. These lockers have been purchased for your convenience. These lockers operate by placing quarters in them We cannot allow coats or shoes to be stored in the concession stand area on tables or seats due to public health laws.

Rules of Conduct and Dress

  • Roller Dome’s rules of conduct and dress are dictated by good taste. Skating is strictly supervised at all times to guarantee every skater hours of enjoyable fun.
  • Skaters will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen.
  • Faded, ragged, or unclean apparel is not allowed.
  • Casual dress is acceptable.
  • No cut-off or mesh shirts
  • Skates must have toe-stops or plugs and be laced up at all times.
  • Alcoholic beverages or any person suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted on the property
  • Smoking and gum chewing is not permitted.
  • Hats, headbands, rags, or any headgear other than certified safety helmets are prohibited.
  • No “In & Out” privileges or loitering. When you leave the building you must also leave the property.
  • Fast or reckless skating, weaving in or out, tag playing, or skating in any manner that will jeopardize the safety of others will result in ejection from the skate center.
  • Skate at your own risk. Not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • Skaters will skate within the limits of ones ability.
  • Skaters assume all the risks of roller skating.
  • All patrons must wear skates at all times. Parent spectators always welcome to sit and watch.

Falling is a normal part of roller skating. For your safety, when participating in sports, be cautious. Remember management is not responsible for accidents. All customers acknowledge that roller skating an activity subject to injuries which may result from a number of causes. By puchasing an admission or skate rental ticket, you the customer acknowledges and accepts this risk. All of the above rules have been adopted for the safety and security of our customers. If you have any questions concerning them, please feel free to talk to the Roller Dome management.

Thank you.

Prices subject to change without notice.