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We carry a wide variety of skates and accessories for all your skating needs.



Roller Dome Skate Centers carry a wide variety of skates and accessories for all your skating needs.

Before you buy skates from the internet or department store, ask yourself these questions:

  • Once I place my order, how long will it take before I receive my skates?
  • How much more will it cost for shipping and handling fees?
  • How do I know what size skates to order? (Note: All skates vary in size by manufacturer, model and where they are made)
  • Will the skates fit correctly and comfortable to wear when I receive them?
  • If the skates do not fit, how do I get the correct size?
  • If I need to re-order another size, will I have to pay for the replacement pair first?
  • How much will the restocking fee and addtitional shipping fees cost?
  • Is the seller reliable, reputable and trustworthy?
  • Can they provide “Expert Advice” on what skates would be best for me?
  • Will these skates work correctly for the type of skating surface where I skate?
  • Are parts available to fix or change these skates and will they be in the future?
  • Who will do the service or repair work?

Remember, price is only one consideration when purchasing skates. Over the years, we have assisted thousands of skaters in purchasing quality skates that are sure to provide them with the ultimate skating fun and enjoyment.

Roller Skating is our Business!

We service what we sell and are committed to making your skating experience truly enjoyable!

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